Skills sponsorship

Presentation of skills sponsorship

Skills sponsorship is a free engagement of one or more persons or companies, in the service of an NGO, from France or for missions abroad. Financial donation is essential to initiate projects and support project leaders, but the involvement of experts at our side is essential to structure qualitative projects.

Companies and experts in the renewable energy sector, how to get involved? 

As part of his commitment, the expert devotes part of his time (personal or professional) to provide technical support for an electrification project. In professional context, the time spent can give rise to a tax advantage for the company (tax deduction of 60% of the employee’s gross hourly cost).

Skills sponsorship is intended to cover all the technical issues related to access to energy, to support populations in poverty (feasibility study, sizing, installation phase, implementation of monitoring, follow-up and maintenance).

The primary objective of skills sponsorship is to respond to a societal need or issue, but it is not achieved in order to obtain a counterpart for the expert or an outlet for the company for which he works. Skills sponsorship is an approach of openness to society.

Communication of your commitment

As part of the promotion of skills sponsorship, your logo and/or company name and/or actions of your collaborators participating in a fund project will appear in all communications (press, digital) of Synergie Solaire.

A progress report on the project in which your employee(s) participate, which can be used in all your communication media (situation report, photos, videos).