The renewable energy sector at the service of NGOs

Synergie Solaire: The CSR tool of the renewable energy sector

Synergie Solaire centralizes not only funds, but also the skills of companies in the sector, to financially and technically support selected NGOs, carriers of humanitarian energy access projects all over the world. A strong ambition for the future: To contribute to a better world for people and the planet.

Synergie Solaire considers Sharing and Exchange to be fundamental values which enable it to position itself as a bridge between the world of NGOs and that of companies.

Our Vision

Access to energy is a major challenge for improving the living conditions and economic development of developing countries, an essential factor for their empowerment. Renewable energies are a sustainable and effective solution for these countries, which often have a high solar potential.

Through its action, Synergie Solaire is part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2015-2030 of the United Nations Organization (UN), which follow the 8 Millennium Development Goals that expired in 2015.

Our Missions

TO DEVELOP Renewable Energy solutions for humanitarian projects with an economic, social or environmental focus

TO ACCOMPANY the functioning of the proposed solutions over time

TO FEDERATE the companies in the renewable energy sector in a win-win solidarity dynamic

Thanks to the support of its partner companies, Synergie Solaire provides NGOs with human, financial and technical resources to carry out their development aid projects through access to energy.

360° project support

Financing operations

We support sustainable energy access projects through financial support.


Thanks to our privileged link with the entire European renewable energy sector, we are able to support projects by providing the latest and up to date material and equipment.


We offer our NGOs the benefit of our technical department’s expertise throughout the projects (upstream work, during the project and at the end).


Our NGO partners can benefit from real-time facility performance monitoring software, allowing for long-term monitoring.

A structured foundation

Synergie Solaire is composed of two entities for the control and monitoring of projects:

  • A Board of Directors: meet once a year to approve the annual accounts and strategic orientations of the endowment fund. This Board of Directors is open to active members of Synergie Solaire.
  • A Committee of Experts: which consists of experts in the renewable energy sector (engineers, developers), it examines needs and advises NGOs on the technical implementation of electrification projects.

A responsible foundation

Each year, an auditor checks the financial statements of Synergie Solaire. These accounts are available in the annual activity report that we send to our partner companies and NGOs, and which are published on the “Journal Officiel” website.

Regarding the allocation of donations, it should be noted that 100% of the amount of donations from corporate sponsors is allocated to projects. Operating costs are 100% covered by the founding sponsors.