Selection criteria

Precise criteria

Projects are selected by Synergie Solaire with particular attention and according to precise criteria. Compliance with the purpose of the endowment fund, the response to a clearly identified local need and the sustainability of the project, are fundamental. Projects that have a systemic view of the assistance provided will be preferred.

  • The aid and solidarity project or programme must be of a humanitarian nature and address people in very precarious situations.
  • The area of action must be in accordance with the purpose of the endowment fund (health, education, economic development).
  • Access to electricity must be via renewable energies.
  • The project must be carried out by a european non-profit organisation (association, foundation or other, etc.).
  • The project must be integrated into the local context and meet with the support and involvement of the beneficiaries.
  • The project must have an objective of autonomy: it must be able to be sustainable in the long term without the intervention of development aid organisations.
  • Significant and detailed elements must justify this commitment.
  • The project must include a “monitoring” component that will be handled by the NGO.
  • The project must be submitted with a detailed budget (with funding requested, acquired and allocated).
  • The grant requested from Synergie Solaire must relate to the Renewable Energy part of the project with significance on the equipment.

Project Monitoring


Project monitoring is imperative for Synergie Solaire. Project monitoring is carried out by NGOs and measured objectively in the field to ensure the long-term functioning of the proposed solutions after the teams have left.

Training of the local population and monitoring of the facilities are essential components of this monitoring phase. They can be provided by Synergie Solaire.

In addition, Synergie Solaire organizes an evaluation visit at the end of each project to ensure the proper implementation of the projects.