Mali - Creation of an activity zone

Description: Creation of an activity zone
  • Localisation : Mali
  • ONG partenaire : Geres
  • Mécène : Solarworld, Ténergie
  • Dates : 2015
  • Statut du projet : Archive
  • Engagement financier: 35 000 € as financial donation, 8000€ as equipment donation (solar panels )
  • Selected project
  • In progress
  • Realized

The association Geres was created in 1976 in Aubagne. It leads projects of durable innovative development in the region of PACA and the countries of the South. Geres intervenes since 2009 in the community of Konseguela with the installation of a zone of production and use of Pure Vegetable Oil of Jatropha (PVO). The association has identified the access to energy and to electricity as an important interference to the sustainability and the development of the economic activities. This energy should allow the development of the economic activities in the zone to improve their existing conditions.  

Our involvement

  • 35 000 € as financial donation
  • 8000€ as  equipment donation (solar panels ): 35 solar panels 250W (Solarworld); 18 solar panels 250W (Ténergie)

The project in pictures