Senegal - Solar electrification of a crafter’s workshop

Description: Solar electrification of a crafter's workshop
  • Localisation : Senegal
  • ONG partenaire : Panneaux Solidaires
  • Dates : 2012
  • Statut du projet : Archive
  • Engagement financier: 17k€ in total : 12k€ of in-kind donation (solar panels, etc.), 5k€ of financial donation
  • Selected project
  • In progress
  • Realized

The association « Panneaux Solidaires » sets out to make local economic activity durable by using photovoltaic facilities to secure electricity supply. In the village of d’Ndem, the NGO designed and installed a photovoltaic facility to provide electricity to an crafter’s workshop and to the machines of the professional training centre. To make its work sustainable, the NGO trained a team of locals to use and maintain the system. 

The project in pictures


Synergie Solaire made it possible for our NGO to carry out our first rural electrification project in Senegal. Not only did the endowment fund finance the majority of materials, but we were also able to benefit from their supplier network and trade purchasing service. Solar energy experts gave us precious technical support with regard to the provision of materials. 

As we were regularly monitoring the project’s evolution and needs, the team showed a great degree of flexibility regarding our partnership agreements.

Concerning external visibility, the two past years we were able to benefit from being represented at Synergie Solaire’s annual charity dinner.’


Julien Fernandez

Co- Founder Panneaux Solidaires