Why should I trust Synergie Solaire ?


With over 35 energy access projects supported since 2010 alongside19 NGOs in 12 countries, Synergie Solaire stands out as a major player in the off grid sector.


The off grid projects which are proposed to Synergie Solaire are subject to a rigorous analysis by the Selection Committee. The latter is composed of experts of the renewable energy sector.

The selection is based on on the the sustainability of the installations and the tangible impact on local populations: economic development, access to education and improvement of heath conditions.


As legislation dictates, each year an external auditor checks the accounts that have been signed off by the Strategic Committee and gives a reasoned opinion of Synergie Solaire’s use of resources.Therefore, we can certify that 91% of our budget was allocated directly to our projects and events in 2015, and 9% in management fees.


Thanks to your personal account, you can follow the daily progress of the project that you have chosen to support. With this premium version, you can also view the latest exclusive photos and videos of the project.

How can I support Synergie Solaire?

With Synergie Solaire, you can get involved simultaneously in three different ways( financial sponsorship, equipment donation; and expertise mission). Through this support, you can back one particular project, or decide to make a donation which is going to be allocated on all the projects.

Financial support

Why should I make a financial donation to Synergie Solaire?

By making a financial donation to Synergie Solaire, you help shape an energy access project on the other end of the world.

Synergie Solaire makes a rigorous selection of  the projects, based  on the the sustainability of the installations and the tangible impact on local populations.

Moreover, your donation is tax-free up to 60% if you are a business, and 66% if you are an individual (within the limit of 0.5% of sales).

How can I make a financial donation to Synergie Solaire?

By clicking on the link “Donate”, you have the ability to support the project of you choice, or donate to all Synergie Solaire activities.

Expert Mission

Why should you apply to an expert mission?

You are an expert in the renewable energy sector (engineer, electrician, etc.), and you have a solid background which can be useful for off-grid projects, then your profile interests us!

If you represent a company, the time spent by your employees on our projects is tax-free up to 60% on their salary loaded.

How can I apply to an expert mission?

With our online application, you can apply for an expert mission on a current project, or make an unsolicited application.

If you apply on a project, make sure  that your profile and availability are consistent with our research. All serious candidacies are studied with the highest attention by the selection committee.

Equipment donation

Why should I donate equipments to Synergie Solaire?

Since it is expensive to store solar equipments, and because it quickly becomes obsolete due to the rapid progress of the technologies, many products are not being on the field and sleep eternally in warehouses .

Rather than leaving it idle equipment, join the movement of companies that choose to fight against energy poverty by giving your idle equipment to our energy access projects!

By giving your equipments to Synergie Solaire, you can benefit from a tax deduction of 60% of the Net Asset Value (VNC), and 66% for individuals.

What type of material is accepted by Synergie Solaire?

Whether it’s about solar panels, inverters, rails,  or small equipments, all categories of products may interest us for our offered projects.

We accept new equipment or refurbished ones, dated less than 4 years, and whose traceability can be certified by any authentic document (bill, user guide).

How can I propose equipments?

Though our website, you can send us the list of equipments at your disposal. You can decide to allocate this materials either on a specific project or make an unsolicited proposal if not project corresponds to your needs.

Submit materials on a specific project

You are a company or an individual that seeks to give solar or wind equipment for an electrification project.

That is simple, by clicking on the button “I give”, you have the opportunity to propose a list of equipments to Synergie Solaire by filling the dedicated form.

Make an unsolicited equipment proposal

If you can not find a project which corresponds to our needs, stay with us ! We have regular needs for all types of products: solar panels, inverters, rails, batteries, etc. To do this, you can unsolicited proposal materials by clicking on “Support all activities”.