Synergie Solaire Expert Committee

Published on 22 July 2019

“The experts’ role is essential”: read the testimony of Victor Beulque, technical manager

Since 2018, Synergie Solaire’s team of technical experts has been largely structured. Volunteers or employees of partner companies (engineers, developers), they examine the needs and advise NGOs on the technical implementation of projects. Some experts also examine the applications for selection committees and support NGOs during and after the projects, sometimes directly on the field.

“Federating technical experts in the actions carried out by Synergie Solaire is essential and extremely stimulating. NGOs are very competent actors on the field and have a fine knowledge of local contexts and issues. The development of renewable energies represents an important lever to multiply the impact of their projects, Synergie Solaire therefore strives for supporting NGOs by providing them technical knowledge and monitoring, ensured by experts from the renewable energies’ sector. By working with technical experts who are keen to provide their knowledge to humanitarian energy access projects, we can enrich projects with diverse off-grid experiences, an excellent knowledge of technologies, but above all technical subtleties which enable NGOs to conduct an electrification project under the best conditions. »


Victor Beulque – Technical Manager