Synergie Solaire’s major partners: jury at Selection Committees

Published on 22 July 2019

From a certain level of financial commitment, an active involvement of the enterprise in the fund’s life is proposed

3 of our partners: DIF, Finergreen et Tenergie were part of the members of the jury during the January 2019 session


“If financial funds are necessary to support projects, they should not be overestimated. A project is built on the exchange, mutual understanding and involvement of all stakeholders: humanitarian workers on the field who support the projects, populations and local authorities who are the beneficiaries, donors who support them financially and sometimes technically. The opening of the selection committee to partners’ companies is an opening on the Human being, the cornerstone of any project, and the ability to build it together. It allows us to question ourselves, them, here and there… An exchange of experiences and knowledge, a better discovery, apprehension and understanding of the realities and complexities of the field. The examination of the projects’ applications by partner companies, members of the jury, as well as the Synergie Solaire’s technical experts, give birth to debates during the committee which allow to open up the technical, the financial and the selection criteria. »


Marie, NGOs partnerships manager