Electrifying rural Africa : An economic challenge, a human necessity

Published on 25 June 2020

Under the direction of the Fondation Énergies pour le Monde, quickly discover a reference book on decentralized rural electrification using renewable energies that can be downloaded online: a guide for action supported by Synergie Solaire.

A practical guide in 4 steps

Context I Understanding the origins of the energy divide and the challenges of rural electrification

State of play I Capitalizing on 50 years of experience, technical improvements  and best practices of the  field players

Technical notebook I Learning about the strengths and limitations of the various existing solutions and innovations

Recommendations I Strengthening collective action to better design, finance and sustaining the change of scale


This book wishes to establish a complete diagnosis of the situation, to draw lessons from it and to formulate recommendations for the years to come. Concrete, precise, thorough and rich in examples, it is made freely available so that all stakeholders can grasp the issue of access to energy,   and take action.

The authors: Yves Maigne, Gérard Madon, Etienne Sauvage and Sarah Vignoles.

Prefaces by Jean Louis Borloo and Lionel Zinsou.

Publication: October 2019 I Edition: Observ’ER I 448 pages

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