The Synergie Solaire partnership with the renewable energy’s sector: ENERPLAN, the FEE, the SER

Published on 22 July 2019

A partnership to pool resources and work together for access to energy

Synergie Solaire signed a partnership contract with each of the 3 sector’s trade associations to support together international actions as part of projects using access to energy as a lever for development.

These partnerships aim to federate a sector around solidarity and commitment values, to use each other as a means of communication in the development of energy access projects.


“If the universal access to a qualitative energy is not a sufficient condition for the eradication of poverty and the migration stability, it is an essential one. However, developing electricity networks to supply the most remote populations can take many years and be very costly. The significant reduction in renewable energy costs combined with the exponential development of digital solutions offer a major opportunity for our companies to implement projects in synergy with NGOs and donators. This partnership with Synergie Solaire is part of the structuring work started with the ADEME in which each actor brings its added value in a collective French approach.

Jean-Louis Bal, President of the SER


“Synergie Solaire connects the human and financial resources of the renewable energy sector with NGOs supporting energy access projects in order to contribute to a better world for people and the planet. We want to mobilize this creative and enthusiastic energy of the sector actors for a meaningful cause. It is part of an energy transition which has to be based on solidarity. The agreement we are signing today with the SER is a recognition of the role of Synergie Solaire in the French collective approach. We feel very honoured. In fact, it also highlights the role of renewable energy companies in ensuring access to sustainable energy for all. It is through exchanges and skills sharing that we will be able to provide innovative, creative and concrete solutions and become actors of this “ecological transition”.

Hélène Demaegdt, President of Synergie Solaire