Burkina Faso - Solar electrification of collective buildings

Description: Solar electrification of collective buildings
  • Localisation : Burkina Faso
  • ONG partenaire : APEMC
  • Dates : 2013, 2014
  • Statut du projet : Archive
  • Engagement financier: 11k€ in 2014, installment and evaluation mission in 2014
  • Selected project
  • In progress
  • Realized

The APEMC was created by engineering students in Poitiers. Its objective is to accompany and support the development of the Wolonkoto village in Burkina Faso. In 2011, the APEMC installed a water pump fed by photovoltaic panels, also a water tower and its network of distribution allowing direct access to water. Recently a school and an extension of the solar center were constructed by the village locals, so the APEMC wishes to help the constructions by optimizing the infrastructures with electrification thanks to a photovoltaic installment.