Cambodia - Solar electrification of water purification factories

Description: Solar electrification of water purification factories
  • Localisation : Cambodia
  • ONG partenaire : 1001 Fontaines
  • Dates : 2011, 20122, 2013, 2014
  • Statut du projet : Archive
  • Engagement financier: Financial donation (85k€ from 2011 to 2013) - Audit mission in 2014 ( 8 days - energy expert)
  • Selected project
  • In progress
  • Realized

The NGO 1001 Fontaines works to improve the health of rural populations by giving them access to a primary need: drinking water. By using a durable model, the solution given by the NGO is autonomous and adapted to the beneficial populations. The program “1001 Fontaines in Cambodia” has 3 phases. The feasibility of the project has been proved by the 11 pilot sites from the first phase. The second phase consists in developing the network of 50 sites thanks to whom the exploitation modes were able to be tested. The third phase’s objective is to use the same 1001 Fontaines solutions in 200 new sites from 2011 – 2015 and this way 300 000 Cambodians will be able to benefit from.  

The project in pictures


I’ve noticed that since we have been using the water from 1001 fontaines at school, the children drink enough water and bring it to school. They rarely (or never) have diarrhea. Or typhoid. All in all, there are less and less diseases linked to water.’


Pak Vithar, school doctor